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Hygrade Water Australia
QLD to 42-44 Blue Eagle Drive,
Meadowbrook, Queensland 4131
Ph: +61 7 38059186
F: +61 7 32005685


Watch here our videosin the following categories:

General videos

Allgemeine Videos

Here you find our general videos about HAURATON.

Product videos


In this category your find videos around our products.

Installation videos


Get to know moire information on the installation of drainage channels here.


Do you know our YouTube channel?

YouTube Kanal von HAURATON

In our YouTube Channel you find  many more interesting videos. Here you find the HAURATON YouTube Channel:


HAURATON on Facebook and Twitter

We are also present in the social networks Facebook and Twitter and post regularly exciting information about HAURATON.

YouTube Kanal von HAURATON
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Hygrade Water Australia
42-44 Blue Eagle Drive / 4131 Meadowbrook, Queensland / Australia
+61 7 38059186
+61 7 32005685


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