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Hygrade Water Australia
QLD to 42-44 Blue Eagle Drive,
Meadowbrook, Queensland 4131
Ph: +61 7 38059186
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Track drainage SPORTFIX®channels

Perfect drainage channel for IAAF accredited sports facilities

Track drainage SPORTFIX channels
Channels made of PP with integrated KTL angle housing, according to DIN V 19580 / EN 1433, with groove and tongue connection for exact installation. Also available for slotted covers.
SPORTFIX® Cover made of UV-resistant, unbreakable PVC-U, both sided inlet with fixing bolts
Trash box with pipe connection possibility DN/OD 110/160


  • a bespoke system with easy design and high strength for track and field drainage
  • water jump, longjump, sand traps and soft kerb comliment the track drainage
  • all products are manufactured to the standards set out by the IAAF
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SPORTFIX®Channels Applications


Hygrade Water Australia
42-44 Blue Eagle Drive / 4131 Meadowbrook, Queensland / Australia
+61 7 38059186
+61 7 32005685


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